William Nicol has become one of Johannesburg’s most dangerous roads in recent years with hijackings and smash and grabs affecting daily travellers. The issues have been spiralling as widespread crime cripples South Africa and local citizens have been left wondering what kind of control the South African Police really have. The task of protecting these intersections requires major investment to act as a deterrent and without private intervention, it has seemed unlikely that it would happen any time soon.

Phil McDiarmid – CEO  Nashua Central is an old Fourways resident who was concerned by recent attacks in the area and decided to launch a site investigation into the issues along William Nicol and establish ways that they as a company could assist the community in providing a safer environment.

 “As a long-time resident of Fourways with business interests in the area, Nashua Central considers it essential that we get involved with a project that will be beneficial to the community, Nashua does business with many of the business’s located in the Fourways area and many of our staff members reside here too.” says Phil McDiarmid “We believe, that as a business service provider and employer we need to invest and contribute towards the safety and wellbeing in the community”

William Nicol and Leslie road were identified as an area of immediate concern and along with local service providers TRSS, RSS and OSM they initiated immediate action into state of the art ANPR cameras that were installed and are currently monitoring all passing vehicles as of immediate effect.

“The technology at our fingertips is IP cameras with amazing software that has various analytics on it including ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and is able to alert security companies and the SAPS of potential criminals or criminals that have been involved in crime so that we can apprehend them in Fourways before they commit another crime – essentially stopping the crime before it happens.” Brett Fisher, CEO – RSS Security Services & Executive Director for TRSS Reaction

The cameras and criminal activity are monitored by OSM who is an Offsite Monitoring company via their state of the art control room at no charge thanks to Craig Burke (MD) who has agreed to contribute this in the spirit of community living.

Brett Fisher was one of the first students to attend Fourways High School when it opened and is currently raising his family in Fourways.

“I have lived in the Fourways area for over 30 years, I have 4 boys, the eldest is 14 years old and attends Fourways High with some of my old teachers! There is no secret that we have been hit with a crime wave. I hope to see more businesses, estates and the community getting behind this initiative. I would like them to engage with Nashua and OSM or ourselves to get on board with cameras and OSM so we can blanket the entire area and get the crime under control – as mentioned, we have the technology at our finger tips – let’s use it and make Fourways a great place for our families to grow up in!” Says Fisher

The introduction of these cameras should be the start of a turning point against crime in Fourways. The interception of these criminals and stolen vehicles as they enter Fourways will make a major impact on the community.

“We hope to see a huge reduction in smash and grabs, hijackings and other crimes in the area. Thereby making for a safer environment for business and residents.” Phil McDiarmid


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