A team of local residents and fellow South Africans belonging to various special organisations have made their way to the disaster locations of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. We thought that the community may be interested in following the journey of these rescue hero’s as well as the current status of the operation.

The below information is a summary of the latest news posted by the Gift of The Givers.

1. Our teams are doing well in Malawi distributing essential supplies to thousands of families in 7 out of 11 affected districts in the south. The Malawi Defence Force has partnered us to reach no go areas.
2. God Willing we aim to deploy water rescue teams, rescue equipment and boats to Zimbabwe today. We are awaiting final “release” for some of the personnel from
3. Supplies of food, bottled water, blankets and hygiene packs are on standby to assist those trapped and rescued.
4. A private company in Zimbabwe offered us six helicopters, two planes, pilots, four boats, twenty ambulances and a commitment to cover all these costs.
5. Mozambique is the most challenging; 90% of Beira has been affected with major destruction of infrastructure, presumed massive loss of life and thousands awaiting rescue in Bizo and surroundings. Beyond these areas the situation is unknown. We have deployed 40 water rescue specialists for this intervention. More personnel are on standby.
6. Boats and helicopters are life saving. The road to Beira has been washed away. We are exploring the option of flying our boats on cargo planes to the city to commence rescue.
7. By far the greatest challenge is sourcing helicopters. This is very, very expensive but extremely urgent. We are busy with options.
8. Food, drinking water, medical care and shelter are an essential aspect that has to be factored in. Little children and indeed adults haven’t eaten in days.

Our focus on this journey will be with the teams in Mozambique as this seems to be the most challenging operation so far…

Gift of The Givers are the most incredible organisation that step forward in every situation! They have driven this operation along with the support of the Off Road Rescue Unit (ORRU) who have been invaluable to this operation.

The teams have been traveling for 3 days to get to the disaster area and have faced many challenges a long the way. They have had to ensure they are prepared for everything and anything! They have based themselves in Vilanculos as there have been warnings of water being released inland towards Beira. The possibility of teams to be shuttled with equipment from Vilanculos to Beira once waters have stabilised seems to be the next course of action.

All these incredible people are in our thoughts and prayers while they put themselves at risk in order to help others! Thank you all for what you are doing!

Should you wish to contribute in anyway, financial contributions can be made to:
Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Account No. 052137228, Branch Code 057525, ref: Floods.

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Gift of the Givers Teams in Beira working jointly with SANDF

Pictures and Sources from Gift of The Givers 

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