Sitting on social media all day isn’t for everyone, sometimes the ILF and BHC members miss important information or miss something awesome that has happened in our communities. 
We have launched a free interactive digital magazine to the community that brings everything together in one place! All the important stuff, the fun stuff, the stuff the community has been doing, talking about and the common interests among us.
Why is it interactive? You can click on all links and email addresses and it will direct you where you want to go. This gets you closer to the information you want to hear about faster and more directly.
We have invited some of the top contributors on ILF to get involved and submit articles and we are inviting you to get involved and submit important information or common interest articles to us as well.
This magazine will be released monthly and will hopefully be a great read especially now that we are all in lockdown! 

Please click/tap here to view our magazine:
If you have any issues you can download it as a PDF
Alternatively view it here:

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