After 3 years of travelling with my dogs around Europe my time came to return home. One thing I (Stefan Graunke, 26 years old from Chartwell Fourways) missed most about South Africa was the culture and wildlife.

We have an amazing natural world here in South Africa, like no where else in the world. Coastal ghost is an expedition to not only see and show the beautiful beaches and coastal environments but to interact with locals and change the world one beach at a time. We are a private team(mom, 3 Bordercollies and myself) out to make a difference. From Fourways we travelled to Richards Bay where the 2780kms of coastline began. With the aim of cleaning more then 50 beaches from Richards bay till Port Nolloth, we have many bags to fill and not a lot of time.

Connecting with schools and local cleanup groups and to raise awareness for the plastic problems our world faces was the aim of the trip and we have succeeded already. We have done over 25 beaches already, +-100 bin bags of rubbish in 3 weeks of cleaning, although our car has given us hassles we keep going strong and are busy making our way to Cape Town in the next few weeks. We have just set up coastal ghost “warrior” stations in 15 areas/towns along the coast so far and are planning on doing national cleanups on a monthly basis.

We plan on returning to JHB in the early may and with that the next project begins. Bot2Bot is a project where we will be cleaning up our roads and areas which impact the river pollution and ultimately end up in the ocean. Starting in my “hood” Chartwell, Broadacres and four ways we wish to get communities involved, raise funds and awareness so we can head off again on the next expedition. I have one goal, to change this world. Although many tell me it’s impossible, I will not stop trying.

Written By: Stefan Graunke a member of the Blue Heart Communities

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