Blue Heart Community groups and I Love Fourways are all about bringing like-minded people together on relevant community information. Through our journey in moderating these groups we have seen the concerning demand for employment.

We created the Facebook Group BHC Jobs in an effort to centralise and connect job seekers with job opportunities. We have noticed that a lot of posts get lost in the feed and that sometimes Facebook search does not bring up relevant information.

With this in mind we have spent the last few months developing a platform that can assist community members in linking the job seeker with the job opportunity. This will allow recruiters easy access to CV’s and allow job seekers an opportunity to upload their CV’s under their skills.

More importantly this is a FREE platform that is being launched in an effort to boost employment within our communities. We will use our resources to promote this platform across our groups and our websites. If you are a job seeker or someone who is offering an opportunity for a job please make yourself at home here and good luck with your search.

Please remember the BHC Jobs group that we set up on Facebook is also a free platform available to job seeker and job opportunities.

We would like to encourage everyone to share this site to extend the opportunities as far as they need to go.


While BHC Jobs is hosted by the Blue Heart Community Team, they are not involved or responsible in the placement of job opportunity ads or the uploading of CV’s. Please ensure that all safety precautions and security checks are followed at all times.

Launch Website 

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