Residents of Bloubosrand have been hit with a violent crime wave in recent months and have resorted to closing off most roads after a resident was murdered on Monday night.

A resident was shot and killed on Monday (27 January 2020) night for his T.V in front of his family. On Tuesday (28th January 2020) a separate shooting incident occurred just hours after a community meeting about crime had been concluded. There have been 12 incidents of violent crime reported to the Douglasdale Police Station between 20 -28 January.

Residents have been applying for road closure for many years and they are now taking every precaution necessary to protect their families and homes.

“The Police must do more to keep our Community safe! A meeting must be called with the Community and SAPS and Ward Councillors as a matter Urgency! Another residents life taken last night, for a TV😭 Does life have no meaning! We need LAW AND ORDER! Our Community is being slaughtered and plundered this has to stop!” Carmen Haasbroek (I Love Bloubosrand (BHC) Member)

Please ensure that you are part of these Bloubosrand communication platforms if you live this this area.

Facebook Group:

Telegram Crime Group:

(Why Telegram and not WhatsApp? Telegram allows 250 000 members to converse on one group vs WhatsApp which allows 256 members. There is strength in numbers. PLEASE NOTE these groups are strictly managed and are ONLY for crime and critical discussions)

Photo Source: Facebook

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